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Cherish Gift Box (box only)
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Retail Price: HK$50


Cherish Gift Box (Box only. 3 soaps tray or 6 soaps tray are available.)

This gift box is made of recycle paper and each is handmade with blessing. The outlook of the box carries a message of Cherish. Not just reminds us of cherishing our friendships or relationships, but also reminds us of cherishing our trees, our natural environment. When you take out the inside structure, it becomes a tissue box. This can help extend the life and expand the usage of the box. The gap for pulling out tissues is at a slanting direction so as to stop the users a second for thinking the necessity of using this piece of tissue paper.

Whenever you giveaway a Cherish Gift Set, you are not just giving your blessing to your friends but also helps to promote a message of cherishing our earth resources. The Chinese on the red wrapping means: Simplicity is a blessing.

The box is around 28cm (width) x 16.5cm (length) x 7.5cm (height).

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